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Free banking in Spain is almost non-existent now as banks have hit on the idea of charging account maintenance fees. Fees could be around 40€ every three months now. 

Even worse is when a person has their UK pension paid into the account. Some banks now charge a fee because it is a non-EU payment now.

However, having said all that, the actual need for a Spanish bank account is reduced in a big way thanks to the online banking group Wise (formally known as transferwise). 

You get two online bank accounts with a Wise account, a UK one and a Euro one. You can switch money between the two at the best conversion rates.

So, for example, you need to pay the park the fees in Euros. You have your pensions paid into the Wise UK account in GBP; you simply convert the amount you need to pay the fees and pay them online in Euros.

For day to day spending using a card, nothing beats Revolut. Like Wise, you get the best rates, and of course, you can use it like any other bank card. 

Spanish banks now shooting themselves in the foot as far as we are concerned as more and more ex-pats are signing up to Wise and Revolut.

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Sandringham park home:

The 2022 model Sandringham park home arrived in Park La Posada last week to go onto plot 63, an outside plot. The 2022 model Sandringham is very different to the others in the park. This one is the Sandringham Brevis model.

The en-suite in the master bedroom now comes with a sink and toilet. To maximise the space in the 4- metre wide bedroom, it is fitted with a sliding door built into the wall. 

The change in design for the 2022 model means the Sandringham Brevis is 11.5 metres by 4 metres yet looks and feels very spacious. This custom-built park home in the best residential park in Spain can be yours for £59,500.

The main features are two bedrooms, wooden flooring throughout, genuine tiles where fitted and ceiling fans in the lounge and master bedroom. 

It also comes with a fully equipped kitchen, quality double glazed windows and doors, dusk/dawn blinds fitted throughout, and all-electric with universal sockets with USB in the kitchen.

As with all show homes, this is a one-off. A 10% deposit reserves the home for up to three months.

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Fun trivia you cannot Google:

Our co-editor “Sneaky Beaky” had this Google unfriendly question for you last week.

What is my name? I was to become the UK’s first back in 1916, and although I was classed as British, I was initially going to be Italian. Since then, Britain has had over 50 more, and today Britain has two.

It is fair to say that Sneaky Beaky tried hard last week in making sure Google was no help whatsoever. Resident Keith P was the first to answer again, so well done to him.

The answer was this, HMS Argos. Starting life as an Italian liner, the converted vessel became Britain’s first true aircraft carrier with an unobstructed flight deck. The Royal Navy have two aircraft carriers in service today.

Well done to everyone who got the answer.

So, now to this week’s Sneaky Beaky question. 

What am I called? I am a liquid created in the first half of the 19th century by two chemists John and William. They combined their surnames to form a company that became the primary brand name for their creation, which they named after the county where the culinary invention happened.

If you think you know the answer, please let us know by replying to the newsletter.

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Plot for a NEW home!

Park La Posada management have informed us this week that they will remove from the park the mobile home on plot 58. That means once again; we have a plot available for someone who wants a new custom-built park home. 

With no other plots available or planned, this is a rare opportunity to secure a plot for a new home.

With 58 becoming available again, it gives visitors wanting a new home two options; they can see the brand new 2022 model Sandringham park home currently on plot 63 or reserve plot 58 for the home of their dreams.

The plot comes on a first-come, first-reserved basis with a £200 plot reserve lasting three months, giving plenty of time to order the home.

If anyone would like us to send a plan of the park showing the location of plot 58, please let us know by replying to the newsletter.

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Finally, food for thought: 

We received more good news regarding the non-lucrative visa now required to retire to Spain. We have had our second successful candidate. 

This week, Mr Roy L was granted his visa after going through the process using the support team we have put in place. He had nothing but praise for Maria C, saying nothing was too much trouble for her. He also said that the consulate was very helpful. 

His feedback is invaluable because we now know that providing someone checks that everything required is in place before the appointment at the consulate, granting a visa should be a formality.

Spain is in between a rock and a hard place at the moment because they want people to retire to Spain. 

With two successful applications, we now know beyond doubt that the consulates will accept proof of savings as a means of topping up monthly incomes.

So, with Maria F’s, Judith Gil’s, and Maria C’s help, we now know that getting the NLV is possible if the core conditions are met. 

That is great news because once a new resident has obtained their NLV, Maria F will apply to have it converted to the full TIE card.

For more information on how you can get the NLV, click here.