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19 years old now getting vaccinated: 

This week saw the start of 19-year-olds in Andalucia getting their first injection. The UK government also changed the rules to allow fully vaccinated people in the EU to enter the UK without going into a quarantine period. Progress in all directions, perhaps?

However, it is fair to say that the vaccine roll-out alone will not do the job 100% for now; it also needs everyone to continue some form of social distancing as a way of life. 

A new everyday state of normal needs to develop in the local community, and as luck would have it, residents in the park are in the best place to prove that there is a way to get on with life and stay reasonably safe at the same time. 

By chance, the park’s design makes it a lower risk environment than, say, a block of apartments. Firstly there are no lifts to contend with anywhere in the park (social distancing impossible in a lift), plus all the front doors to the homes are nowhere near each other.

The residents’ situation might be about to be improved even further because this week, the authorities suggested that they might consider giving Covid booster injections (starting with the over 80’s) later this year. 

If they do that, then for sure, residents will be called up for theirs quite soon as supplies seem to be much better now. 



The SAPA contract changes:

We recently changed the SAPA agreement terms, adding more control over events for both buyers and sellers. 

The most significant change is that the 10% deposit is now paid in two stages to match the agreement’s progress.

The SAPA agreement is the perfect tool to transfer ownership of a resale mobile or park home along with the park contract.  The deposit stages now consist of one payment within 14 days and a second payment once all parties sign the agreement. 

With the new system, there is no need to rush into anything. Buyers have 14 days in which to part commit to purchasing the home. With the commitment in place, the agreement takes over.

For anyone thinking of buying a mobile home, this is perfect. Also, thanks to Maria, the translator, we now have the SAPA agreement in English and Spanish. 



Ex-Pat’s news story:

Hello everyone, resident Patrick (Ex-Pat) here with my take on a news story here in Spain during the last week. 

The story begins in 2015 when Antonio Banderas, the Spanish actor, moved from Spain to Surrey in the UK and bought a prefabricated house built by the German studio Huf Haus for 3.1 million Euros! WOW!

In this week’s news, however, it turns out that he has now decided to return to Spain and put his prefabricated home in Surrey up for sale for 3.5 million Euros! WOW again!

As a British ex-pat living in Spain for many years, I can tell you that hundreds if not thousands of sensible people like myself have done it the other way round, left the UK to live in Spain.  

And just to make you laugh, a lot of us went on to buy a prefabricated house. A mobile home! Okay, not for 3.1 million Euros, of course, but it is all a matter of scale 🙂

That is it for this week, so have a great weekend, and I will keep an eye on the news for a story next week.


Fun trivia you cannot Google:

Our co-editor “Sneaky Beaky” had this Google unfriendly question for you last week.

 What number am I? My number first became relevant in 1969. I then had 200 added to my number twelve years later. Big clue: The number one makes my number very important even though my number does not contain the number one.

The answer was the number 747, as in Boeing 747. First launched in 1969 with a 747-200 version twelve years later plus, of course, Airforce One is a 747.

It is fair to say that Sneaky was only slightly sneaky last week in making sure Google was no help whatsoever; his extra clue helped.

The first person to answer correctly was Posada resident Mike B who is also a PosadaFM listener. Well done, Mike!

So, now to this week’s Sneaky Beaky question. He thinks it might be a little too easy; we shall see.

Q: Who am I? Born just before 1875, I went on to live for 90 years. I became very well known throughout my career, but not for being the excellent writer and artist that I was. 

My writing ability finally took centre stage for me when I was presented with a Nobel prize at the ripe old age of 79. My paintings have also gone up in value over the years.

John Little from PosadaFM, as always, will debate the question in his afternoon show starting Saturday at 2 pm. 



Finally, food for thought: 

With August just around the corner, it means we are on a countdown to 2022. We have eight weeks left to help get people settled in 2021, allowing time for any purchase to complete.

It is also fair to say that a good many people have put their plans on hold this year as they wait for the effects of Brexit to settle down and Covid to be under control. All of them will welcome 2022 with open arms, we think.

So what are we hoping for as we enter the last third of this year? First up, the Spanish consulates in the UK get their act together and start to make it easier for people to present everything needed for the Non-Lucrative Visa in one go. The consulate in Manchester has been the best so far. 

Next up, travelling between the UK and Spain to get a lot easier. A quick antigen test at the airport is all it should take, which could be as easy as checking in. 2022 will be a much better year all around if our wishes come true this year.