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The lifestyle in Spain

La vida BONITA means the beautiful life. Read every month what the residents are enjoying.

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Life in the community:

Everyone knows about the bowls club in Park La Posada and how well the bowls teams have done recently, but did you know there are also darts teams and pool teams in the community?

With so many ex-pats living in and around Antequera, they have formed a darts and pool league, and like in the UK, the leagues are about the social life as much as the sport. 

The general social life in the park also has something for everyone, it seems. Events include Quiz nights, Zumba, Craft group, Thai Chi, Poker club, Walking group, Bingo, and the three mentioned sports.

It is up to each resident to join in with anything happening within the community if it interests them. For the pool players, for example, Friday is the FREE pool table night. For the drinkers, Saturday evening is the happy hour plus any arranged entertainment that week.  

Support when needed:

90% of what we do is in our park agent support role. For that, we can also call upon various experts to assist us in helping people retire to Park la Posada if that is their wish. From getting the NLV visa to getting a TIE card afterwards, we have someone who can help you.

Maria, the park translator, is one such expert, and the park contracts her to assist new owners in becoming residents in the park as part of the “buyer assistance” package which is unique to Park La Posada.

Her involvement compliments the market price check guarantee we carry out and the secure client account we provide to hold the initial deposit. Maria’s expertise kicks in after the sale has completed and is free as part of the package; you only pay the registration fee.

People buying a home in the park without the buyer assistance process included will need to either pay for her services directly after purchasing the home or make their own arrangements to become residents in Spain. 

Sneaky’s trivia question:

Last week, our co-editor, “Sneaky Beaky”, had this search engine unfriendly question. 

There is a short stretch of motorway in England that is very different from a typical stretch of motorway or motorway toll road because only certain people get to use it. Even though it is not normal or even real come to that, it does have an official M number. What is its M number and purpose?

The answer was this; The M96 which is a training facility. The M96 is a short-length, realistic-looking fake motorway at the Fire Service College at Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire. The purpose of M96 is to train fire crews in handling road traffic accidents and to train Highways England Traffic Officers how to behave around live traffic situations.

So how did we get on last week? Michael E was the only one to come up with the answer M96. Well done Sir!

Now to this week’s Sneaky trivia question. 

Where will you find a light railway system used by the public in the UK that is 2000 metres long and only has two stations? One on land and one over water. 

If you think you have worked out the answer, why not let us know by replying to this newsletter 🙂 We always credit the people who were first and second to send in the correct answer 🙂

And finally:

We are now into June, usually one of the busiest months of the year for visitors to the park. This is because, in July and August, the cost of flights plus the temperatures increase, thus reducing the number of visitors to the park. 

That means anyone considering selling their home in the park by the end of the summer (September) must act fast to get their homes listed, as there are only four weeks to go in the pre-summer slot to show the home to visitors. 

Once an offer is made and accepted, the sale can take up to three months to complete under the terms of the SAPA agreement. However, people hoping to sell by the end of the year should consider listing their homes for sale by September at the latest.