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Driving licences:

The British Embassy in Madrid announced this week that the issue of exchanging driving licences from the UK to ES has now been agreed upon at all levels. All that remains is for the treaty to be signed into law.

The Consejo de Ministros now need to give their approval and publish the treaty into law in the BOE, the state bulletin. They meet weekly, but we have yet to determine when the treaty will be presented to them for approval.

Unlike in the UK, here in Spain, anyone wanting a driving licence needs to take a “psicotécnico” which is part of a short medical at an approved centre, before exchanging licences. The psicotécnico is part of the medical to check your eyesight, coordination and reactions.

The certificate issued following a simple medical is valid for three months, giving you plenty of time to exchange licences once the treaty has become law. If you pass the medical but fail the psicotécnico, do not worry, you can retake that section.

For Park La Posada residents, Maria, the translator, offers a service to assist residents with the exchange of licences.

Homes for sale:

Our “Price Alert” subscribers are, as always, notified first when a home goes on sale, and there are many subscribers. After getting the alert and watching the video, subscribers are on a first-come, first-served basis to reserve the home for 14 days allowing time to come to the park or make an informed decision based on the video.

After the price alert last week, a few subscribers commented on how quickly someone reserved the Pemberton Lucerne that was subject to a price alert. We, however, were not surprised because there are hundreds of subscribers, and many are waiting for the right home to go on the market.

After a visit to the park, people who love the park and lifestyle only need the right home to go on sale. With all five new plots reserved, it now requires a resale home that tics all the boxes to go on sale to become a resident.

With every home we market subject to an independent valuation, the only price accepted by the vendors following a price alert is the asking price. Waiting to put in an offer is now a thing of the past, thanks to the fact that we only market homes at genuine prices.

Sneaky’s trivia question:

Last week, our co-editor, “Sneaky Beaky”, had this search engine unfriendly question.

What are we? In no way magical, but we are as close to disappearing as you can get. Unlike the Giant Panda, there are no breeding centres worldwide because interbreeding would be the result if there were.

Clue 1) Once seen all over Asia, we are now down to less than 100 in numbers living in a national park on an island.

Clue 2) One reason we are so low in numbers is the demand for our body parts in Chinese medicine.

The answer was this; Javan Rhinoceros, aka Rhinoceros Sondaicus. There are now less than 150 on the southwestern tip of Java. The species have been driven to extinction due to a loss of natural habitat and the fact that their horns are sought after for Chinese medicine.

So, how did we get on last week? Michael E was the first to respond with the correct answer, followed by Derick T. Quite a few others also sent in the correct answer, so well done to everyone.

Now to this week’s Sneaky trivia question, a sneaky one :-).

What is my official title? This is not to be confused with rank. During the first world war, my title as the head of one of the UK’s military services came into being.
I have held the title for nearly one and a half years, and although there is no official term for the post, someone else usually takes over after two or three years. The longest anyone has held the post is just over seven and a half years.

If you think you know the answer, why not let us know by replying to this newsletter 🙂 We always credit the people who were first and second to send in the correct answer 🙂

And finally:

We have always said that hiring a car and seeing the area and the park during a visit is a good idea. What needs to be “discovered” is how cheap hiring a car is this time of year.

Why not see for yourself? Using this link, “car hire Malaga Airport,” search for car hire starting Monday, the 13th of February and ending on Friday, the 17th of February. You will be amazed that you can hire a car for less than 25€ in total and a great selection of cars for less than 30€.