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The lifestyle in Spain

La vida BONITA means the beautiful life. Read every month what the residents are enjoying.

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Costa Difference Spain

The only company in Spain to represent residential parks and nothing else.

Retirement parks:

In 2008 four years after opening Park la Posada became the first dedicated retirement park in Spain after introducing the over 55’s only rule. Since then, it has developed into what many people consider to be the best residential retirement park in Europe.

Last week the park owners working with Costa Difference looked at ways to work with the reputation the park is getting in Europe and how to continue developing the park. 

The first big advantage was the rule already put in place at the end of last year in that only new park homes were allowed to come into the park. Long term means that when an owner decides to take an old mobile home/static off the park, it will be replaced by a new park home.

The next idea was to ensure the community spirit continues to thrive with more opportunities to become a resident. Many people feel the cold in northern Europe and wish they lived in Spain without a doubt. Many have one big advantage; English is their second language.

With that in mind, a new slogan was introduced ” One language – Many nationalities – New friends”. That means that anyone with a reasonable grasp of English can become a Park La Posada resident. 

The park’s common language remains English so the community spirit will benefit from the new reputation the park is getting in Europe. 

To explain the lifestyle in more detail, we have launched a brand new website which promotes the park home lifestyle with a European brand. The updated FAQ page now has most of the park home answers.

Over the next few weeks, we will be making some changes to the park’s website to reflect the one language – many nationalities – new friends message. 


The luck of the Irish:

The saying goes hand in hand with good luck, and never before has that been so true. With English being their first language and holding an Irish/EU passport, they are not bound by any rules once all the COVID restrictions are lifted.

Applications for Irish passports went up during the Brexit process, and without doubt, it was because the benefits of holding an Irish passport were seen by many early on. 

Once life returns to half normal Dublin to Malaga could become a busy route for Ryanair as visits to the park begin again.

The luck continues because if they then go on to decide that Park La Posada is for them, they can retire to Spain with ease under EU rules. 


Living with COVID:

Andalucia had no choice this week but to bring in further restrictions due to the rise in cases caused by Christmas and New Year.

Once again, residents have to stay within their local town’s boundary. The message is to stay at home and shop local if you have to go out. 

Staying at home is easy for park residents because the park is their home. Only residents and authorised persons can enter the park. Life would be very different if they lived in a holiday apartment down by the coast.

The pandemic has changed many people’s outlook on life, and many people have had to put their lives on hold. 

Locked down in an apartment block with no social life happened to many people during March and April last year. They are all now dreading that situation might return. For now, they can go out but must remain local. Once again, it seems that park residents are in the best place.


Finally, food for thought:

Questions continue to come in about the new post-Brexit residency rules. At the moment we are still waiting for concrete information about the specifics.

As we commented in a recent newsletter each country can set its own residency rules. It is likely in the long term Spain will make it as easy as they can for people to come from the UK to Spain. 

These rules will fall under the national immigration law of Spain, not the EU and have been confirmed in writing from the EU authorities following a recent clarification request we made.

In general, the information you need to provide will largely be the same as before. As was the case pre-Brexit, this will include proving ‘financial means’ and healthcare cover.

Some of the information provided will need to be translated into Spanish. However, this has always been the case.

The slight procedural change, when applying to reside in Spain longer than 90 days, will be that the initial application is to be submitted in the UK. This is done at the Spanish consulate and not when you arrive in Spain.

The benefit of this is that you are in control of the process in English. Most of the paperwork is then in place before you get to Spain. Making the process here easier and quicker.

When we have the full story we will make sure all the information is published in our newsletter and on our Facebook page. 

We will also offer guidance and help to make the procedure as hassle-free as possible. In the meantime please drop us an email with any questions you might have.