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Rain in Spain:

Last week for the first time in months we had a day of rain. Hardly news we know but still worth mentioning. Rain is needed in Spain and lots of it to refill the water supplies. There are only about 20 days a year where it rains all day.

The only people to complain that it is raining in Spain will be the tourists who understandably came for a few days to enjoy the sunshine. The residents, on the other hand, have had months of sunshine and are now enjoying the freshness that follows a day of rain.

By this time of the year, the reservoirs are quite low, and some rivers had not seen a drop of water for months. The river Algarrobo is a prime example, dry for months and now a trickle of water coming down from the mountains and into the sea after just one day of rain.

The good news is that apart from the 20 days of rain a year it does rain sometimes at night in the autumn and winter, which is how the reservoirs recover in time for next summer. If it were not for that fact, Spain would need more desalination plants all along the coast. Currently, they have 15 plants operational.

More rain to come? Certainly between now and next March. More rain needed? For certain. Residents complaining about the weather? Certainly not, the sunshine always returns without fail. 



Windsor Largo:

The first-ever 13 metres Windsor Largo park home arrived on Tuesday from the factory in Alicante. The home started as a show home order to go into the park, and whilst in production, it was reserved. The owners then ordered a side POD to go with it.

This home is going to be so special because it was ordered unfurnished. The furniture will be coming from the UK.

The internal design of this 13 metre home has now inspired the team to come up with a 2021 version 12.5 metre Windsor model to go onto plot 54 in Park La Posada as a show home.

The 2021 Windsor park home will still have two-bedrooms and two bathrooms. It will also keep the walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom. 

In the family bathroom, the shower will come out, and it will go a bath instead. The en-suite bathroom will have the usual full-size power shower cabin for those who prefer showers.

The kitchen is what will change the most. A quarter wall will be installed between the kitchen and the lounge so we can have matching corner wall units each side of the sink unit. 

The unit that was originally above the worktop will no longer be needed as the new corner units will replace it. That means the new 12.5-metre version of the Windsor model will feel even more spacious in the lounge as it will be three-quarters open plan. 

Like the Windsor Largo model that has just arrived, the new Windsor park home can be reserved at any time and altered during production with the final specifications being locked in just before Christmas.



Europe and COVID:

COVID 19 is now getting serious in Europe, and the reality of the situation is beginning to strike home. The UK it seems is all over the place trying to stop the spread by attempting to control it locally with no national rules in force. 

Spain is doing things; differently, they are using covid rules in place in regions as well as national rules. Some local provinces are also being restricted further for 10 days at a time with local borders closed to non-essential travel.

In the Andalucia region as a whole, everyone has to wear a mask when outside the home, even in a car if everyone is not from the same household. Between 11 pm and 6 am you are not allowed outside at all. 

Let us be very blunt, there is only one way to stop anything spreading between one human being and another, and that is by keeping them apart. The masks are a loose form of doing that but are not the real solution. The real solution is distance.

Residents in the parks, especially Park La Posada, are so lucky. The homes are 10+ metres apart, and the park only allows residents, staff and authorised tradespeople access. That is so important right now; the park becomes a secure bubble.

The resident’s social life inside the park is continuing subject to COVID restriction rules and if you want proof of that go online and listen to PosadaFM. The residents, by the fact that they all live in the same secure environment, are now one big family.



Staying with COVID:

We see in the news people in Europe protesting over COVID 19 restrictions in cities like London, Madrid and Paris. Even worse is that they are protesting, shouting and standing right next to each other without the protection of any kind. 

The TV news gives us all a real insight into the surreal world we now live in. 50% of the population take it seriously and do everything they can to protect themselves, and 50% see themselves as oppressed by COVID restrictions. Their Saturday night ruined for no reason it seems.

Surely the bottom line, for now, has to be for everyone to adapt to the situation rather than fight it or give in to it. That is how we are dealing with the situation.

On the ground, we do almost everything virtually now which is as safe as houses for everyone concerned, and in doing so, we are still helping people who are determined to get to the safety of the park and enjoy life as it should be enjoyed one day. 

Virtual viewings mean we are still able to change people lives but in a very safe way for all concerned. With the choice of the park and the type of home you are going to like out of the way virtually, it means that coming to Spain as soon as the all-clear has been given will be all it takes to complete the process.


Finally, food for thought:

With the clocks going back last weekend we are now heading into the autumn and winter months. Yet, as we have said many times before in our newsletter, this is not something to feel glum about when living in Spain.

Quite the contrary, because from October to March it is still regarded as a pleasant time to be in Spain with average temperatures of between 15 and 25 degrees. Winter holiday weather.

This winter, however, is going to be very different for everyone. With new residents currently making their way or about to make their way to Spain (following their purchases), the weather is the last thing on their minds. Getting to the park itself from the UK is the biggest challenge.   

So starting this week, we will be updating everyone on the state of alarm situation in Spain weekly using the newsletter. Useful information is after all that our newsletter is all about.

For now, with regional borders and provincial borders under stricter controls for the next 9 days at present, it is still considered possible to get to the park using the paperwork in Spanish we provide. A rule of thumb you can use is this, if Malaga airport is operating as normal then Spain is not in lockdown.