Mobile home for sale resale

Mobile homes are a very economical way to retire to Spain. Used for residential purposes only they all come with substantial decking in place. 

You buy the home from the owner direct, and we deal with all the paperwork. No lawyers are needed when buying a mobile home, and there is no purchase tax to pay. 

Home Description: A 3 Bedroom 38′ x 12′ Willerby Winchester Mobile Home in Spain in residential Park La Posada with a guide price of £32,500. The asking price has been “Independently Market Price Checked” confirming the value of the home. This three-bedroom mobile home in Spain for sale by the owner includes enhancements/additions to the […]

3 beds 2 baths

Home description: 2 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom: 40′ x 13′ Willerby Linear Mobile Home in Spain on residential Park La Posada with thye “buyer assistance” package offered. This two-bedroom mobile home in Spain is on sale by the owner to include enhancements/additions to the original home within the allocated plot the home is on.  This […]

2 beds 2 baths

Resale mobile home for sale:

Buying a resale mobile home in Spain is perfect for anyone wanting to move to Spain very easily and cheaply. All the hard work has been done. Wood is one of the few expensive commodities in Spain. That means a resale mobile home with a great decking area included in a good price is a bargain.

Decking will turn a normal UK manufactured mobile home into a home for residential use. The parks allow 40 square metres of decking area to be added.


A good example is this 2007 Pemberton Mystique two bedroom 39 x 12 mobile home that is up for sale on Park La Posada. You can see other homes for sale using the resale homes link at the top of the page.  The home is up for sale for £33,950 subject to viewing.

Park La Posada is a residential park for the over 55’s with no sub-letting. That means this resale mobile home has been used as a home in Spain. Good news for any future buyer because it will include lots of extras and of course some new furniture.

The home itself is on a 200 square metre plot that is landscaped by the park. The plants are chosen carefully and are ones that do not require lots of water. Living in a mobile home on a residential park should be relaxing.

PEMBERTON-MYSTIQUE-MOBILE-HOME-IN-SPAIN-79LP-260918-0360   Sitting on the decking in the sunshine is ideal

Front decking:

Most mobile homes used as residential homes make use of two decking areas. One to the front and one to the side. The one to the front is used to relax in the mornings or relax in the evenings. Some like this one have a shade built above the decking so they can make the most of it.

Nine times out of ten what you see on a visit is included in the sale. An inventory is always produced however should an offer be made.

To the side of the front decking there is room to park the car. In some cases a car port is added and when that is the case the home is complete.

PEMBERTON-MYSTIQUE-MOBILE-HOME-IN-SPAIN-79LP-260918-0361   This decking is used in the summer. Lots of shade.

Side decking:

Side decking on a mobile home in Spain tend to be big and weather proofed. This turns it into a full size room that is multi purpose. In the case of this Pemberton Lucerne that is for sale it is both the lounge and dining room. The decking are to the side is intended to be used all year round.

In this case the current owners have also added a lot of storage. Not to mention the windows and doors. That is a real sign that the home has been adapted for residential use.

It is worth remembering that this is all included in the price of the home. Living in Spain is risk free almost when buying a resale mobile home. For little more than a top end car you have a home in Spain with all the hard work done.

PEMBERTON-MYSTIQUE-MOBILE-HOME-IN-SPAIN-79LP-260918-0357   Like many resale mobile homes the furniture is not original.

Inside the home:

Inside any mobile home for sale is always different from when it was first manufactured. In this case the owners have made lots of changes. It is their home right now.

When buying a resale mobile home there are always compromises. No two people have the same tastes. The important things however is not what there is but what you can do with the home.

On many an occasion we have sold a resale mobile home and a few months later we see a home we hardly recognise. Better still is that it does not have to cost a lot of money to change things. The mobile homes are all well built and maintained.

PEMBERTON-MYSTIQUE-MOBILE-HOME-IN-SPAIN-79LP-260918-0358   With 200 sqr mtr plots there is always room for a shed

The extras:

This is where a resale mobile home comes up trumps. All the extras. In the case of this resale Pemberton Mystique mobile home the shed is a great example. Inside will be the washing machine because having it inside the mobile home itself is never a good idea. 

You can also see that the owners have added a lower decking area. This is not included in the 40 square metres allowed as this is classed as part of the plot itself.

It is when you add up all the extras you are getting do you see that buying a resale mobile home in Spain can sometimes be a lot cheaper than buying one in the UK.