Mobile homes in Spain questions and answers

Mobile homes in Spain:

Mobile homes in Spain have become very popular now with dedicated residential parks offering a very different retirement lifestyle. The campsites along the coast are also now tapping into the mobile homes in Spain market. This page contains many questions asked over the years. Our answers are below each one. It is a supplement to our FAQ page and compliments our Spain information page.
Mobile homes in Spain on a residential mobile home park. Do you have a question?

New mobile homes.

Question: Are mobile homes advertised as new UK mobile homes built-in Spain or in the UK? Answer: The UK manufactured model mobile homes come from the UK and transported to Spain. The price of dealer quotes will usually include the cost of transporting the mobile home. Question: Can I buy a mobile home in the UK and have it taken to Spain myself? Answer: Every park has its own rules regarding how a mobile home comes onto their park. Most will only deal with an authorised mobile home dealer in Spain who can report any warranty issue. UK mobile home dealers are not encouraged to supply export mobile home models to Spain. Question: Do we pay for the new mobile home in Pounds or Euros? Answer: UK manufactured mobile homes are usually advertised and paid for in GBP. Spanish built mobile homes are usually advertised in Euros.

Mobile home parks:

Question: What is the number one consideration between a dedicated residential mobile home park and a campsite that allows mobile homes as well? Answer: In a one-word, lifestyle. On a residential mobile home park in Spain, you will find that the way of life is very similar to a residential mobile home park in the UK. On a campsite, you will be within a mobile home section within the park and the lifestyle will be more geared up for the holidaymakers. Subletting is not allowed on dedicated residential home parks but permitted on some campsites. If you want to earn from your mobile home in Spain you will need to buy one on a campsite.
Mobile homes in Spain on a residential mobile home park. Do you have a question?
Question: Am I guaranteed to become a resident of Spain if I buy a mobile home in Spain and can I become a resident before I buy one? Answer: Everyone must satisfy the rules Spain have set out regarding becoming a resident. If retired or retiring soon, and buying a mobile home in a residential park it is a lot easier to become a resident. Registration takes place after the purchase of a mobile home in Spain. Park La Posada takes care of the paperwork for you and of course, you can check in advance what the process will involve. On a residential only park, you have a postal address and registered with the local town hall.

Resale mobile homes:

Question: If I am to buy a second-hand mobile home in Spain who am I buying the home from? Is it the owner of the home itself or the dealer advertising the home? Answer: Unless the home itself belongs to the dealership advertising the mobile home in Spain you will be buying it from the owner direct. There are safeguards in place, however. Your deposit will usually go into a client account and held until the sale completes.
Mobile homes in Spain on a residential mobile home park. Do you have a question?
Question: Does a resale mobile home come with any guarantee and if not,  can a guarantee be purchased? Answer: A resale mobile home will only come with some form of manufactures guarantee as long as it is new enough to still be within the guarantee period. Purchase warranties are not available on resale mobile homes in Spain.