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In a nutshell, this is what you will need to obtain a Non-Lucrative-Visa for Spain.

Sufficient economic means
Absence of criminal record
Private Health Insurance

The trick is how you present everything when applying for the visa. You will need to submit a lot of documents, all legally translated. 

First up, economic means. You will need to show combined pensions and savings to cover year one of €26,000 for a single person and €32,300 for a couple.

After twelve months, you will need to prove that you can show economic means to cover a further two years. That means pensions and savings to the value of €64,600 if you are a couple. For example, if you get €24,000 in pensions over two years, you will need to show at least €44,600 in savings to cover years two and three.

With sufficient means covered, you can move on to the NLV process. To begin with, you will need birth certificates and marriage licences legalised in the UK, and you can do this online through the Gov website.

Next up, you will need to show that you have no criminal record. Again the process can be done online.

Now to health insurance. It will need to be full cover insurance, and we have an expert in Judith Gil assigned by ASSSA  to advise you on the NLV requirements and quote you accordingly.  Judith can also help you with the medical declaration form.  

Request Judith Gil from ASSSA to contact you regarding obtaining the correct health cover for the NLV

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    With the first three processes in place, you are ready to start the NLV application for real. For this, you are going to need a registered legal translator to translate all the required documents.

    You are not allowed to use any translator for this purpose, it has to be one that is registered with the Spanish authorities as an authorised legal translator.

    We use Maria Castellano as our legal translator because she is very experienced in dealing with NLV translation requirements. You can ask her to contact you using the form below to let you know what she is going to need and the costs involved. 

    Request Maria Castellano to contact you regarding legal translations.

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      Once you have Maria C preparing all the legal documents for you, it is time to move on to the application process itself. You can download this form which explains what information will be needed. 

      When you are ready to proceed with the application, send the information required using the form below. You will need to submit a separate contact form for each person. 

      For couples please use the same e-mail address so we can link the two applications.

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        Your NLV application details

        Maria F is the person who deals with the application forms and double-checks everything. The cost of this service is £70 for up to two people at a time. After checking that everything needed is in the order you will be sent a payment request. 

        After making the payment you will be sent links to download the completed application papers in Spanish as well as the text required to put into the e-mail requesting an appointment. 

        With everything prepared by Maria C and Maria F, it should just be a case of requesting an appointment at the relevant consulate. You will need photocopies of your passport as well as all the prepared documents when you attend. All pages of the passport need to be photocopied including the blank pages.