How to get your visa for Spain

Non Lucrative Visa for Spain

Everything you need is here

[sg_popup id=16572]In a nutshell, this is what you will need if you are a UK citizen who would like to retire to Spain. It is called a “non-lucrative” visa which allows you to live in Spain but not work in Spain.

According to the Spanish consulate, it is quite straightforward, and we provide you with the right people on hand to support you. 

  1. Sufficient economic means (pension and savings)
  2. No criminal record
  3. Private Health Insurance to start with

The trick is to present everything in the correct format at the Spanish consulate when applying for your visa. You must submit certain documents translated into Spanish by a registered legal translator.

Along with your legalised documents, you will also present your ACRO Police record and a general health declaration signed by your doctor. You will find all the links you need to get them on this page.

First up, economic means. You will need to show combined pensions and savings to cover 28,800 EUROS for a single person and 36,000 EUROS for a couple. Most people wishing to retire to Spain now use savings combined with their state and private UK pensions to show that they can meet the financial visa requirements. 

Monthly pension/pensions x 12 plus savings can be used to reach the required amount.

With sufficient means covered (contact us if you wish us to confirm), you can move on to the NLV process itself.

The next important stage is health insurance. If you are in receipt of a state pension, the form S1 is accepted as having health care for the visa. If you are not receiving a state pension, you will need private health insurance. Before going any further, it is best to know the costs involved.

For that, we have an expert in Judith Gil, assigned to us by ASSSA  to advise you on the NLV health cover requirements and quote you accordingly. Judith can also help you with the medical declaration form.   

Request Judith Gil from ASSSA to contact you regarding the correct health cover required for the NLV

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Once you know the health care costs you are ready to proceed. Before doing anything else you will need birth certificates and marriage licences legalised in the UK, and you can do this online through the Gov website.

Next up, you will need to show that you have no criminal record. Again the process is easy and can be done online.

With the first three processes in place, you are ready to start the NLV application for real. For this, you will need a registered legal translator to translate all the required documents. 

You are not allowed to use any translator for this purpose; it has to be one that is registered with the Spanish authorities as an authorised legal translator.

We use Maria del Mar Castellano as our expert registered legal translator because she is very experienced in dealing with NLV translation requirements. You can ask her to contact you using the form below to let you know what she will need to translate legally and the costs involved.  

Request Maria del Mar Castellano to contact you. She will let you know what is required and the costs involved.

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Once you have Maria C preparing the legal documents for you, it is time to move on to the application process itself.