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Here is where you will find the mobile homes for sale within the community listed as confirmed “Independent valuation” price (IVP) or set at the “owner’s asking price ” (OAP).

The EURO amount is a guide conversion only supplied by the ECB. The actual rate will depend on which bank is used for the exchange.

Our home valuation service is ideal for anyone considering selling their mobile or park home in Park La Posada. Our system guarantees that the homeowner knows the true market value of their home before setting the asking price.

In 2023, we had two instances where the independent market valuation (IVP) exceeded the proposed asking price. If you are a homeowner in Park La Posada and are considering selling your home, you are welcome to contact us for a FREE market valuation

Price 28,450 GBP = 33.277 EUR

Home description A 2 Bedroom 36 x 13.  JAZZ Monaco Model Mobile  Home in Spain in residential Park La Posada with “buyer assistance“.To see exactly what the home is like, and if the valuation is correct, we suggest requesting the link to the narrated virtual viewing below. This two-bedroom mobile home in Spain for sale by the owner includes […]

2 beds 1 bath

Price 23,795 GBP = 27.832 EUR

Home description 2 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom: 33′ x 12′ Willerby Granada Mobile Home in Spain on residential Park La Posada with “buyer protection“. This two-bedroom mobile home in Spain is on sale by the owner to include enhancements/additions to the original home within the allocated plot the home is on. Plot 49 is in […]

2 beds 1 bath

Price 66,975 GBP = 78.338 EUR

Home description A 2 Bedroom 40 x 13  WILLERBY LINEAR Model Mobile Home in Spain in residential Park La Posada with “buyer assistance“. To see exactly what the home is like and if the valuation is correct, we suggest requesting the link to the narrated virtual viewing below. UPDATE 21/10/23 Currently held on a 14-day first […]

2 beds 2 baths

No homes on sale at the moment? We suggest you sign up for the “Price Alert” service. You will receive details in advance of any home going on sale with a buyer assistance package. 

Better still, if you know what you want in terms of style of home and budget, we offer a “heads up” service which lets you know about a suitable home whilst the listing is being prepared. This complements the price alert because it is personal and focused. Request the “heads up” service.

The SAPA contract guarantees the legal transfer of ownership and ensures the home is debt-free. The terms include a standard check of the home’s condition before the sale completes as well.

We also have a selection of park homes for sale. 

Over the years we have sold many mobile homes in Spain. This is because resale mobile homes are of great value.

During a park visit, you will see exactly what homes are on sale. The decking is always included in the advertised price.

Buying a resale home that is ready to move straight into means you will have more money to spend on enjoying life here in Spain. Days out to the beach. Day trips to the lakes or Gibraltar.

There is no easier way to retire to Spain than buying a resale mobile home already in a top-quality residential retirement park. You get to see exactly what you are buying when you visit the park.

Resale mobile homes only need a sales by private agreement contract between the seller and the buyer, and we arrange all that. Having a park contract then confirms ownership because only owners can have a contract with the park.

When buying a resale mobile home, you are not just buying the home itself. You are buying the complete home that includes the decking, sheds and even a washing machine in most cases. It really is one purchase that covers all solutions. As soon as we hand over the keys, you are at home.

The price of the resale mobile home in Spain includes everything. Better still, in Park La Posada, new owners are registered by the park for their residencia thanks to their free service. Owners only pay the registration fees, which is less than 20€.

In some cases, the authorities might need a supporting document to be translated, and the translator can arrange it for you. Translated documents are not included in the free service.

Homes sold in the past.