Residential mobile home parks in Spain | Not camping

There are two main reasons why a residential mobile home park is different to a joint camping/mobile home park.

The legal and park differences:

The park licence for the joint park is more than likely for normal camping. That restricts the number of static mobile homes allowed on the camping site itself.

Camping sites also tend to allow subletting of the mobile homes to holidaymakers. That means you can have different holidaymakers next door every two weeks.

Mobile homes in Spain on a residential mobile home park. Camping parks are different

On Park La Posada and Park Corrales there is no subletting as they are residential style parks.

There are NO tourist camping areas on either park which means the reception is 100% dedicated to looking after the residents.

The other big difference of course is during holiday periods.

When the Spanish go camping they like to party. Easter and throughout the summer it will be very busy. It will also be very noisy and you will have children and dogs running around. Do not expect the noise to stop at midnight either.

The facilities on the park, exclusive or shared:

You will share the facilities with a lot of people who are on a camping holiday and plan to only be there for two weeks. On Park La Posada it is only the owners, their family or guests coming and going.

Guests become part of the mobile home community as soon as they arrive. The reception looks after owners and their family and guests alike. So different to a joint camping site.

Very few camping sites have a dedicated section for mobile homes. That means when someone books into the site as a camper they are free to walk around the site as they wish.

The children on the park are also free to do so as well. It is after all a park dedicated to holiday makers.

On holiday lifestyle or residential. The facilities change.

The facilities on residential parks are in place for the residents only. You know that you will be sharing the facilities with like minded people who have also moved to Spain to live. They are not there for a week or a fortnight. That is important.

Top class parks should always offer their residents top class exclusive facilities. Park La Posada is a top class park. You will know in the morning that there will be a sun bed by the pool for you.

There is no need to reserve your sunshade or a table for lunch. That means you can look forward to relaxing with friends and neighbours.

You will be part of the same community all year round. New friends to enjoy life with.

When looking at different parks on the Internet, check first. See whether it is a campsite/mobile park or a residential-style dedicated mobile home park. being offered.

If the park allows camping, you have to accept strangers will be in the park at all times. Some sites have up to 200 camping pitches. In the dedicated residential parks, the residents have remote control access. Nobody can walk in. The parks are 100% exclusive.

Camp sites will also have many different nationalities staying on them. On UK style parks all the residents are British and so a community spirit develops. This is an important factor as you will find making new friends so much easier.

You will become part of an established community. The back up that offers is priceless. The park also has dedicated staff in the office to look after the residents.

The first question should always be when being shown a new park “does the park also allow camping?”. If yes then you at least now know the drawbacks. It could well allow sub letting. That means you could have different neighbours as well as the campers. Not so with dedicated residential parks.

Resale mobile homes on mobile home only parks are ideal. You can see exactly how the park is and you will get to see how the community is straight away.