How to visit Park La Posada

Planning a new life in Spain begins with a visit to the park. When you come on a visit to Park La Posada, you will see a fantastic residential park and why it is home to so many people enjoying their retirement.

The facilities, service, and a carefree lifestyle are what the residents enjoy most, and during a stroll around the park, you will see why it is such a perfect retirement location.

5 star facilities in Park La Posada

If you are already living in Spain, planning a visit is easy. Let us know when you would like to come, and we will make the arrangements and send directions. If coming from the UK, we suggest the following.

  1. Book return flights to Malaga airport.
  2. Book a rental car at Malaga airport to cover the time you will be in Spain. You do not need to book anything big because the roads are wonderful here. You will be amazed at the prices on offer right now.
  3. Finally, we suggest you book yourself into the 3* hotel Los Dólmenes for the nights you will be in Antequera to visit the park. Easy to find, free parking plus social distancing makes this hotel fit for its purpose.

    Hotel Los Dolmenes.

To make the whole visit work, it just needs us to co-ordinate. First of all, we supply very detailed instructions on how to get from the airport to the hotel. We also supply detailed instructions on how to get to the park from the hotel.

Street in Park La Posada

Next, we arrange a date and time for you to visit the park. On arrival, you will go into reception and meet your resident guide for the day.

Got some dates in mind or some questions? Call us for free on 0800 772 3980

Reasons to visit:

Nearly everyone dreams of retiring to the sun one day, but very few people manage to do so. Park La Posada offers something very different. A community of like-minded people and a way that makes retiring to Spain easy.

The lifestyle and the quality of the park are what you are coming to see first and foremost, and it is the only thing we can not do virtually.

Once you have been on a park visit, you will be in a position to move quickly when the time is right. You will also know that living in Park La Posada one day is something you want to do.

Many people have visited the park over the years, knowing that they would perhaps like to retire to Spain one day. Now using virtual viewings, they realise their dream without the need to come to the park again.