Residential mobile home park in Spain lifestyle

Residential mobile home park in Spain lifestyle:

Park La Posada and Corrales Park are two parks that offer more than a location to live in a mobile home. They offer a lifestyle as well. This comes from having settled communities all living life to the full here in Spain. Retirement enables everyone to do that. On Park La Posada there is also a 4 lane bowls green with the residents forming their own bowls club. New residents and guests are welcome to try their hand. The mobile home park lifestyle in Spain is not restricted to the park. On both parks you will be on a beach resort in less than one hour. That means you can be a tourist when every you feel like it. You will however soon notice that everything costs more because the parks themselves are in real Spain. Sitting on the beach however costs nothing and in April and May it is wonderful. So fresh and clean.

So what is important to enjoy the lifestyle?

Owning a car for one thing,and get one here in Spain. With the steering wheel on the correct side driving is very easy. Both parks are within easy driving distances form very interesting cities. Granada, Cordoba, Seville and Malaga are just a few examples. Quite often residents who are friends will go out for the day. For pet owners the new lifestyle is even better because you can walk your pets without worrying about the weather most of the time. There are also English speaking Vets on hand. With wonderful walks around both parks owning a pet is a real pleasure here in Spain. Both parks have rules regarding pets and both are poop scoop areas. On Park Corrales they do consider relocated homes.

Mobile home park community:

It is the secret ingredient that makes up a huge part of the retire to Spain lifestyle. You are never alone on a mobile home park. You will have new friends and neighbours and everyone will be like you, keen to enjoy life to the full. The parks take care of you of course but it is the community spirit that looks after everyone. Here is a real example using different names. John and Jane live on the park. John is the driver, Jane does not drive. John goes into hospital for a hip replacement. Not a problem as the health service is wonderful but of course Jane does not drive. The first thing that will happen is a list will go up in the bar asking for volunteer drivers. Friends and neighbours will be the one to put the list up. Over the next few weeks the volunteers take Jane to and from the hospital and of course shopping. The community spirit support remains in place until John is back to driving again. The example is a real one and of course there are other good examples. That is what makes the park lifestyle in Spain so special.
Spend a day on the beach, not live on it.

Lifestyle facts:

For some strange reason everyone thinks of the beach when moving to Spain. Residential parks cannot be close to the beach. If they were they would have to offer camping facilities to comply with the licence. Residential parks are however not that from the beach in real terms and residents soon appreciate the fact that they can visit the beach and tourist hot spots for the day and then return to real Spain at night. Better than any beach however are the lakes that are all around the parks. The lakes at Iznajar even have a beach where you can drive right down to the waters edge.