How to visit La Posada

Thinking of a visit to Park La Posada? Why not watch the video first, so you have some idea of what to expect? The resident who will welcome you and show you around will be able to tell you about the community lifestyle and answer any questions you may have.

The facilities, service, and carefree lifestyle are what the residents enjoy most, and during a stroll around the park, you will see why it is such a perfect retirement location.

If you are already living in Spain, planning a visit is easy. Let us know when you would like to come, and we will make the arrangements and send directions. For those who intend to fly to Spain, we suggest the following.

  1. Book return flights to Malaga airport.
  2. Book a  to cover when you are in Spain. You do not need to book anything big because the roads are wonderful here. You will be amazed at the prices on offer right now.
  3. Finally, we suggest you book yourself into a nice hotel in Antequera (the nearest town with a choice of hotels) to visit the park.

To make the visit work, we just need to coordinate. First of all, we supply very detailed instructions on how to get from the airport to the hotel. We also provide detailed instructions on how to get to the park from the hotel.

Use the website Contact Us form or any of the ways below to connect with customer service to assist you.

Street in Park La Posada

Once the visit is booked, we give you the name and phone number of the resident who will take care of you during your visit. This is a good example of how the community support begins before you visit which is why Park La Posada is so special.

UK Freephone 0800 7723980  Call Costa Difference Spain 0034 670 20 34 95

Reasons to visit:

Nearly everyone dreams of retiring to the sun one day, but very few people manage to do so. Park La Posada offers something very different. A community of like-minded people and a way that makes retiring to Spain easy.

The lifestyle and the quality of the park are what you are coming to see first and foremost, and it is the only thing we can not do virtually.

Once you have been on a park visit, you will be able to move quickly when the time is right. You will also know that living in Park La Posada one day is something you want to do.

Many people have visited the park over the years, knowing that they would perhaps like to retire to Spain one day. Now using virtual viewings, they realise their dream without the need to come to the park again.