WYSIWYG explained

What You see is What You Get

If you see WYSIWYG in a listing for a home for sale it means this. What You See Is What You Get.

We introduced this virtual recording category to highlight any home that includes everything seen except personal items. By that we mean things like photos and ornaments.

As with all sales, the transfer of ownership is by means of a SAPA agreement and an inventory. The recording category is simply to pass on all the information in visual form. 

Request a virtual viewing

Park La Posada has over the last few years transformed the way homes can exchange hands. Owners can advertise and sell their homes privately or use us as the park’s customer service agents to provide “buyer assistance“. 

The virtual recordings we produce is all part of that service. It is the first stage we do in the sale process. Here now are all the stages.

  • Virtual recording made, and home listed for sale.
  • Offer sheet signed by prospective purchaser.
  • Client account provided for the initial deposit.
  • SAPA contract drawn up for signing.
  • Vacant possession by means of our key safe system.
  • Inventory checked and confirmed correct.
  • Standard home check carried out. 
  • Inform buyer that they can complete their purchase.

Everything we do is to assist the buyer. The seller benefits as well. This is because ownership of the home will be transferred by means of buyers having trust in the seller through ourselves.