Alhambra residential park in Alicante

Opening in 2020

Alhambra residential park in Alicante

Alhambra residential park near Alicante will be the first of its kind in Spain. Based on residential parks found in the UK. All homes on the park have to be park homes. It will not be a mobile home park.

The centre piece in the park will be a huge resident only swimming pool. There will not be a bar or club house in keeping with the genuine residential park status.

All park homes going onto the park will be built in Alicante by Alhambra Homes. Models already designed by Costa Difference Partnership such as the Sandringham, Windsor, Eton, Thatcham and Ascot are ready to be customised.

Ascot park home slider

More than sunshine

Alhambra residential park is going to look and feel very special. The focal points about the park will be the abundance of palm trees and the huge swimming pool. The theme of the park will be an oasis in Spain.

The park is only 15 minutes away from Alicante airport. 15 minutes away from Alicante itself. It is also 15 minutes away from the nearest beach. The nearest town to the park is Torrellano which is 6 minutes away. For the golfers there is the Club De Golf El Plantío only 2 minutes down the road. 

Club De Golf El Plantío

Viewing trips will start in early 2020. Work is already well under way but the park will not be shown until phase one is completed. 

As you can imagine a lot of palm trees are being planted to go with the oasis theme. The roads have been marked our ready as well so the park is taking shape. 

The concept of the park is very straight forward. Imagine a quality park in the lake district. On such a park there will not be any subletting. There will not be a bar or club house. There will however be quality park homes that will hold their value.

Now imagine that park in Spain with much better weather and a wonderful swimming pool. You are in fact now imagining Alhambra Residential Park

Palm trees planted on Alhambra Park

From this to this

Alhambra Residential Park street

Once we start showing the park we will also include visits to the factory. Costa Difference have already designed four model park homes that you can have custom-built. The factory is just down the road which means more of your money can go into the quality of the home and less on transport.

The park will be offering the full retire to Spain package and park fees will be around 360€ a month. With only 40 park homes on the park it will not only be very exclusive but it will be a million miles away from being a holiday park. The idea is to make this park unique and for sure it will be paradise to a lot of lucky people who manage to retire to Spain the easy way.

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