Retire to Spain

Why residential parks are perfect

The very first reason why mobile home parks are so attractive is the cost of living.  The cost of living in Spain is 17.40% lower than in United Kingdom taken as an average using the two countries as a whole. Dated Nov 2018. This is an indicator as a whole.

Residential mobile home parks by nature are away from the coast. This is because to have a park by the coast it has to include camping facilities. Something a true residential mobile home park does not want to offer. For that reason the parks are always slightly inland.

The Good Life:

La vida bonita in Spanish means “life is good” in English. The weather also makes Spain perfect for mobile home parks.

July is the hottest month in Malaga with an average temperature of 25°C (77°F) and the coldest is January at 13°C (55°F). July also has the most daily sunshine hours with 11 hours of sunshine on average every day.

The wettest month is November with an average of 101mm (4 inches)  of rain. By November however Spain needs it having gone months without seeing a single drop. It is the fact that there is so little rain pet owners love living in Spain. The mobile home parks are all pet friendly subject to rules. There are lots of good walks all around the parks including the lakes.

The best website to get a perfect weather forecast is the Spanish equivalent of the Met Office. They are called AEMET and their website is

The Best Parks

Residential retirement parks like park La Posada make moving to Spain both easy and affordable. Their service is second to none which is why there are 150 mobile homes on the park with a settled community.

The cost of living is helped along by the fact that there is no council tax. Utilities are well priced with water costing 9 Euros per month for 10m3. Internet connection is only 19 Euros a month making keeping in touch with friends and family easy.

The park fees on La Posada are 365 Euros a month and for that you are living in a first class park with facilities to match. The service is second to none because the park takes care of everything Spanish. Not speaking Spanish is never an issue. On the park everything is in English and the reception deals with everything from utilities to deliveries. Every resident has their own post box.

Antequera Spain

The town of Antequera in Spain has become a firm favourite as the central location of mobile home parks. It all started with Park Saydo in the village of Mollina followed by Park La Posada in the village of Alameda. The last park to open in the area was Park Corrales. All three mobile home parks are very different from each other.

Antequera is ideal. It has a shopping centre where you can buy almost anything you ever need. A modern hospital which has free parking, something unheard of in the UK. It also has a train station and a bus station so getting around is very easy.

With well over 500 mobile home park residents in the Antequera area (there are four mobile home parks) you will meet many new people at the Wednesday car boot sale held at Saydo hotel.

This is the event that everyone enjoys because they get to meet up with friends who do not live on the same residential mobile home park. There is now competition between the parks themselves. They all offer a different lifestyle and service. The closest links are between Park La Posada and Park Saydo. This is because both parks have a bowls green.

Retire to Spain, residential parks.

The Spanish Economy

Economic growth has been strong but is projected to moderate in 2019 and 2020. Even so, the unemployment rate will continue to decline, but remain high. Domestic demand, supported by low interest rates and strong employment growth, will remain the main driver of growth. Source OECD

The information above means very little to the residents on the mobile home parks in Spain. They only see that petrol is cheaper, food in the local market is cheaper and going out for an evening is a LOT cheaper. Quality of life sums up what living in Spain in a residential mobile home park is all about.

The villages of Mollina, Los Corrales and Alameda are traditional Andalucian villages. The locals have got very used to their English neighbours. Spanglish being now the common language based on the English speakers adding O to every word and the Spanish speakers using hand signals.

Costa Difference mobile homes in Spain picture Dec 22

You do not need beaches when you are living in the Malaga lake district. There are five lakes to visit.

The Local Area

The mobile home parks in Spain are of course not next to the beach. If they were they would also have to be camping sites. They are however near quite a few lakes and reservoirs. The lakes are perfect for the way of life on the mobile home parks.

Residents have formed fishing clubs, golf societies and bowls clubs. Both Park Saydo and Park La Posada have bowls greens as part of the facilities. The lakes at Iznajar have gone even further. There is a beach down to the waters edge and you can drive right to the edge of the beach. Great for days out that include a picnic.

Residents who have been on the mobile home parks in Spain for years are only  to happy to show new residents the local beauty spots. It is as much fun for them as it is for the people being shown around. On a nice sunny day in May there is nothing better.

Retiring to Spain is easy

Healthy Lifestyle

Spain is not just about the cost of living or a great social lifestyle. In every village that has a mobile home park there is a weekly street market. It is from there that residents can buy their fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Spanish way of life is very different to that in the UK. Most residents on the mobile home parks start out eating UK times with dinner between 6pm and 8pm. In Spain dinner starts at 9pm. This is because lunch does not start until 3pm.

Life is very different here in Spain. It is a very relaxed lifestyle and once a resident has settled into the mobile home park lifestyle they soon adjust. Health eating and a relaxed way of life. Nothing beats that. The perfect health service in Spain is there if needed but life style changes could easily mean less visits.

Mobile Home Prices In Spain

The differences between the prices of mobile homes on parks in Spain and mobile homes on parks in the UK is also huge. On some parks in the UK the homes are almost twice as expensive.

This is all down to demand of course. In the lake district good parks command a premium. There is also one other big difference on mobile homes parks in Spain. There is no rule as to how long the home can remain on the park. Provided the home and plot are kept to a good standard it does not matter how old a mobile home is. That makes resale mobile homes in Spain great value and you can see a great example of a resale mobile home that is on sale now.

For Willerby homes going onto Park La Posada mobile home park the pricing is easy. What ever the cost of the home is on the Willerby website simply add £8000 to have it transported to Spain. When you add the two prices together it is sometimes cheaper than going on a park less than 300 miles away from the factory.

For Spanish homes it gets even better. The transport savings go into the homes. They are all built to residential specifications and park home standards.

Spend a day on the beach, not live on it.

Ex-Pats Have Landed

Yes all the residents on all the mobile home parks are Ex-Pats, and of course they all have different stories to tell. That is why visiting the parks on a viewing trip is so important. You get to meet and talk to people who have actually gone and done what you are thinking of doing.

By now they know all the tricks of the trade. Most you meet will have been living in Spain for quite a while. Most will be settled in Spain and enjoying life to the full.

The question they get asked most by visitors is “can you see yourself going back?” The answer is always the same, “no way”. In fact most people selling their mobile homes in Spain are doing so because they now have the confidence to live in Spain on their own without the parks support.

That makes life easy. They know what they are doing now in Spain. Not possible when they first arrived of course four or five years ago. The support that the parks offer makes it possible to live in Spain knowing nothing about the language or the rules and regulations. The park reception becomes the guardian angel.