Park homes for sale in Spain

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Here you will find the mobile homes for sale within the community at the “Independent Market valuation” (IMV) or the “owner’s asking price ” (OAP).

The EURO amount is a guide conversion supplied by the ECB. The actual rate will depend on which bank is used for the exchange.

Our home valuation system guarantees that the homeowner knows the current market value of their home before setting the asking price.

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Sorry, there are no park homes for sale at the moment. As soon as one goes on the market, we will send out a “Price Alert” email.

The Independent Valuation package is where an independent valuer sets the asking price using the latest market price data. The Vendor’s Asking Price package is where the owner sets the asking price based on known costs whilst still using the independent valuation formula. Each listing will show which pricing structure the owner has chosen.

No homes on sale at the moment? We suggest you sign up for the “Price Alert” service. You will receive details in advance of any home going on sale with a buyer assistance package,

Better still, if you know what you want in terms of style of home and budget, we offer a “heads up” service which lets you know about a suitable home whilst the listing is being prepared. This compliments the price alert because it is personal and focused. Request the “heads up” service.

As with the cheaper mobile homes, you buy the resale park home from the owner direct. There are no legal fees or purchase tax to pay when buying a park home.

We also have a selection of mobile homes for sale.

On this page you will find the new and resale homes. Resale custom-built park homes in Spain can only be a few years old at most. Production started in 2017.

Resale custom-built homes come in two categories. A park home model that has been designed by us such as the Windsor, or a model that has been designed by the owner at the factory.

The build quality in both cases is the same. They are all built for residential use. All park homes are fully insulated and come with quality double glazing and real wooden internal doors.

Resale park homes usually come with decking unless it is a show home. If a show home is being sold as a resale, you will save 1800€ transport costs.

Resale park homes would have been customised by their owners even if they chose a model designed by us. They can even customise a show home which means resale park homes can and do look different to the initial plan.

The other thing is that resale park homes will come with added extras, always beginning with decking. It is worth remembering that because every single park home is custom-built, two models will never be identical.

Homes sold in the past.