Buy with confidence

Buying a park home is a very straightforward process here in Spain. You buy the home directly from the owner. In theory, it is as simple as agreeing the price with the owner and paying the money. But simple does not mean secure.

  • Is there a full recording showing exactly what the home is like?
  • Will the home come with vacant possession?
  • Is a park contract guaranteed as a condition of the sale?
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So, to assist sellers and buyers alike, we introduced a buy with confidence package for the legal transfer of park homes in Park La Posada. From the 1st of September 2021, we now link “Price Check” to the home listing itself and “Home Check” to the SAPA (Sale Agreement by Private Arrangement) contract.

All SAPA contracts signed by buyers and sellers are in Spanish protected by Spanish Law, with the English version acting as the translation. All the park homes we list for sale in the park are now “price checked” to assist distance selling, and all homes are “home checked” just prior to the sale completing.

Because the SAPA contract is so good in setting out the sale terms and conditions, a sale can only begin to complete after checks have been made and the home has been handed over to a third party for security with vacant possession. 

That means the SAPA contract allows buyers to buy with confidence and the vendor to sell with confidence. For the vendor, the system is perfect because they can make their plans to move knowing nothing can go wrong once all parties have signed the SAPA contract. 

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It is important to say at this point that the “buy with confidence” package we are offering is designed to help buyers and sellers alike get the result they are looking for in a reasonable time frame. The system is not compulsory or suitable for every home in the park. 

Homes for sale within the park outside the “buy with confidence” system can still be purchased without a SAPA contract by dealing directly with the owner advertising their home. In those circumstances, the park owners have to confirm that the park contract can be transferred, which is automatic with a SAPA contract.