The team with Costa Difference mobile homes in Spain

The team that really make things happen are the resident volunteers living in the park. They are the ones who welcome people to the park, show them around.

The Costadifference team in Spain has the support of Derick Theobald, as Admin Director.

As well as being part of the 0117 number response team he also deals with anything that needs to be sent to the UK. 

Derick team member with Costa Difference

Steve Burns, Customer Service 

Steve is the person who looks after everything in Spain. With over 15 years of experience here in Spain, he is able to answer all your questions with authority.

Because we as a company are not sales driven, it means he can be informal as well as factual. This is perfect when dealing with inquiries. He has team members on the parks to support him.  

Steve team member with Costa Difference

Martin Theobald, Marketing (middle).

Working in the background we also have a very important marketing and design team.

Martin is the person who presents the Costa Difference Partnership to the outside world.  He is also part of the Park Lodge Home design team. In Alicante, he works with Eduardo on the left (project manager) and Damian on the right (factory director). Martin also puts together the monthly newsletters.

Design team with Costa Difference Spain Ltd

Working alongside Martin in website management is Raheel Javed.

Raheel has been with the company for a few years now. He deals with the technical side of things when it comes to all the websites. 

He is also the reason why we have launched the as a stand-alone department within the company this year.

Raheel team member with Costa Difference

For SEO and marketing, Martin has the services of Deepak Jena. Deepak is fully qualified for the role and came with high recommendations. 

Since joining the team he has helped further develop our current system of online website marketing and exposure. 

Deepak SEO services