Mobile homes in Spain weekly e-mail newsletters

Mobile homes in Spain weekly email newsletters

Our weekly mobile homes in Spain newsletters are a great way to stay informed about the park home in Spain lifestyle. Full of useful information and not crammed with sales talk. In fact, many people remain on the newsletter list long after they have either bought a mobile home in Spain or moved onto different things.

Humour is important and you will see that in most of the newsletters.


Sorting out fact from fiction is not an issue. If it is information about Spain and the mobile home parks them it comes direct from us. True in every sense of the word. Ex-Pat, on the other hand, is hearsay half the time so you work that one out.

The newsletters are not a hard sell. They do not give a list of properties that are for sale. The website does that. Newsletters are simply information that month about what is going on.


Mobile homes in Spain and the residential parks have come a long way.